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Love is . . .

posted Dec 8, 2016, 4:57 AM by Rev Marshall Wright   [ updated Dec 8, 2016, 5:06 AM ]

 December 2016 Re: Standing Rock
. . . .  at peace with all that is in fear

The Healer Myth

posted Sep 27, 2016, 7:36 AM by Rev Marshall Wright   [ updated Dec 8, 2016, 5:14 AM ]

August 2012

THE HEALER MYTH  . . Three decades of play has something to say. Healers are attracted to the healing arts in the unconscious belief that by healing others, they will somehow heal themselves. This is a myth; in part, highlighted by the suicide rate amongst psychologist.

IMHO no one can heal another; that is an 'inside' job. Healers can simply place another in a nutrient, unconditional environment that facilitates healing to take place. Unconditional loving healers are not attached to outcomes; those choices are way above any mortal’s pay-grade.

Though clients project on me being "the healer"; in truth, the irony is the exact opposite: clients come to heal me!!  Rarely, if ever, have I felt a client got more out of our dance than I did; they always bring the mirror I need to witness next for my own healing. In fact, if the client gets anything out of the dance, that is proof of grace; of win-win; of there are no accidents.

HO TO THE FLOW  . . .  for only it knows

Love is  . . .

Those Laughing Hardest

posted May 26, 2016, 4:24 PM by Rev Marshall Wright   [ updated Dec 8, 2016, 5:38 AM ]

November 1985

"Those who laugh hardiest at themselves are the deepest in love; their dessert - forever being amused."

Humorously science has also discovered that laughing is good for your health. The endorphins released are called catecholamines  . . .  a good belly laugh massages chest organs, enhances blood flow, reduces inflammation, and stimulates alertness. Heart and respiratory rate, blood pressure and muscular tension all increase during laughter and them go lower for 45 minutes after.  Laurel and Hardy along with The Three Stooges have shortened many a hospital stay.    

Had a life-long affirmation of yesterday's "Understanding is greatly overrated" when brought in to facilitate rituals for the annual gathering in Big Sur, California of the National Catecholamine Society back in the '80's. Assumed going there that these people were going to be nothing but fun. Turned out they were so serious about studying the effects of laughter they were the most dour group I had ever played with. In self-defense, ended up modifying the rituals in an attempt to inject some humor into the event.

HO TO THE FLOW  . . .  for only it knows

Love is  . . .     

Shit is really "grace"

posted May 26, 2016, 4:03 PM by Rev Marshall Wright   [ updated Dec 8, 2016, 5:22 AM ]

October 1986

Shit is really 'grace' cross-dressing in a dark brown outfit.

Not only are there no accidents, there is no 'bad' or 'good'. Everything comes into our life in the flow for a reason. Unfortunately it would seem that, in the human condition, the ones encased in pain get most of our attention. Pain is not bad, nor joy good . . . . both are wondrous teachers. The question is "are you ready to learn ??"

HO TO THE FLOW  . . . .  for only it knows.  

Love is  . . . .  

Understanding Greatly Overrated

posted Jan 8, 2016, 4:22 AM by Rev Marshall Wright   [ updated Dec 8, 2016, 5:28 AM ]

January 1991

"Understanding is greatly overrated -
 So much so in our culture that it is truly hard to comprehend."

One of my favorite poems by Lao Tse:
There is no need to run outside for better seeing,
Nor to peer from a window.
Rather abide at the center of your being;
For the more you leave it, the less you learn.
Search your heart and see,
if one is wise when seeking each turn
            The way to do is to be.

Rather than knowledge being power, I would posit it is more about you "being" distracted. Lose your mind and you'll come to your senses. The yellow brick road to ecstasy is inside, not out. It is being centered and grounded as the sole creator of your tree-of-life in a
synergistic, harmonic vibration between body, mind, emotions and soul.

In the shamanic walk, it is said; "if you really want to see something, close your eyes" because the visual stream overwhelms the brain to the exclusion of your other senses much in the same way that the effort to understand mutes that which is being sensed. As Rumi says; "Silence gives answers"

HO TO THE FLOW  . . . .   for only it knows

Love is  . . . . . 

The Cat's Meow

posted Jan 8, 2016, 3:46 AM by Rev Marshall Wright   [ updated Dec 8, 2016, 5:20 AM ]

April 2016

Walking back across the boatyard night before last in the glow of a visit from a Burning Man friend and his partner who I had not seen in eleven years. All of a sudden I jump in reaction to a feral cat doing the same as I almost stepped on him in the dark. It was like he was asleep or something, I get down on one knee to apologize and after running 15 feet away, he turns around and slowly comes back to me.

His reveling in the human touch of his head and back being scratched mirrors back to me the love pouring out from having broken bread with fellow travelers traveling through this maelstrom of a culture seemingly trying to destroy itself. When the cat finally pulls away, he runs only to jump in the air, roll over and land on his back in the sand, jumps up shaking so innocent and playful; without thinking I hear myself say; "Yeah, the three of us were just celebrating that aspiration."

This morning at the break of dawn make an 'executive' decision to forgo my power walk, and drink coffee instead. Then, only minutes later, wake up finding myself walking across the yard, weights in hand, saying: "What the heck, I was snot going to do this today . . . . but the flow must have a reason, so  . . . .  ". A mile down the road to the locks, passing under the bridge over to the cruise ship complex, see a small bright foil metal bag sort of hanging in mid air next to the retaining wall. As I am pumping along right past it, it seems as though the bag moves. It is not very light yet, dark under the bridge anyway, and dark glasses on for the wind make it all very mysterious. Stop, put the weights on top of the wall along with the glasses and stoop over to see what this dancing bag is all about.

Get down on one knee only to realize that this "Frito's" bag dancing in the air has a jet-black cat's head stuck in it. The cat is balled up so tight I can barely make it out. Have no idea how long his head has been trapped in this bag, and cannot believe he picked this scary place what with the 100 decibel sound of every car and truck whizzing over the metal grate 20 feet above. Imagine that he is petrified, so sit down next to him and start a conversation. The Cat in the Hat does not answer back, nor move, nor give me any indication that he even wants to lose the hat. Since our conversation is not going anywhere; decide to energetically share some love by placing my hands around this black ball without touching him and beaming. After a couple of minutes, he takes a cleansing breath and seems to relax.

So I grab the corner of the bag and start pulling; and he is really stuck in there. I gently pull until he starts skidding across the asphalt when his legs finally pop out and he starts pulling back. And POOF the bag flies off showering him with a cloud of Frito pieces. He does not react, rather blinks at me probably blinded by the light. Finally he seems to take it all in, slowly turns around and walks away . . . gets a few yards away, only to start running and jumping with joy just like the cat the yard.

Now us retired fly-boys know that events always happen in threes  . . . so I'll be back with the last installment whenever. In the meantime, having served the flow, been given the blessing with nary a scratch, and shared it best I can . . . the coffee is everything I imagined.  HO  

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