“Let Go and Let God” . . . . . “HO TO THE FLOW”

This blog comes to you from outside the box by an individual empowered to speak his truth. Even in his brashness though his truth recognizes and encourages the speaking of your own truth. All truths are worthy of a witness for there is no wright or wrong, good or bad; just people expressing their own truth; mostly thru their actions rather than their words. Furthermore, his truth is not meant to offend or emasculate another's. We all get to have one, and, as crazy as it seems, we all think our truth is 'the truth'. And, that be the truth.

Recently I have been called to task for misrepresenting my own lexicon which this blog will attempt to explain. We all get to have our own semantics; to place our own meanings and importance on words. Indeed, in my play with couples and 'talking stick', we often find that our left-brain censor can even make us not hear certain words.

In my journey down the Red Brick Road, the two quotes above have littered my lexicon. A lexicon that many find hard to grok; after all 'I are an engineer.' So I humbly set forth “my” interpretations of what they mean and how they are interconnected.

Lets start with 'God', while I much prefer using 'spirit', as it has been so bastardized in our culture. I beg you to stop reading alleged sacred scriptures that men created to control others. Instead, witness God in a sunrise, or look deep in the eyes of a friend, or that animal that appears out of nowhere. You won't find what you are looking for in any book!

YEAH, when using 'God' I mean 'YOU are God' and I am God, and that tree is God as well as that rock. Animate or inanimate, witnessed or imagined, all is 'God God'. God God is the mountains, the forests, rivers, lakes, beaches, and the inhabitants of same. You God is a card-carrying member of a sect of God called the 'human brotherhood'; our main charge as fractals of her hologram is to take care of our home, Mother Earth, and its' inhabitants. Never doubt that God God is also found in inanimate objects such as rocks and cars. In the last decade, I've beamed on a locked truck to save a distressed fur-baby, and my car at the therapist two months ago. Both the truck and the car unlocked themselves . . . why? because they are vibrationally alive.

God God is everyone and everything vibrating collectively to create a universal aura or a galactic intelligence that 'passeth all understanding.' This God God plasma courses thru all things 24/7 , informing us of the unique role that our fractal of the hologram is to play IF WE CARE TO LISTEN. The piece most of us human You Gods get hung up on is being unconditional lovers. Strange how the human species devolves into the miasma of hate and violence. God God on the other hand creates the incubator for us to create any darn thing without comment or judgment.

The plasma informs Me God about what I am creating in the moment; whether it feels in the flow (easy, facil, play-like, joyous), or feels like work. If it feels like work, I move on to something else till the flow's vibration affirms I am where I'm supposed to be in the moment.

Ergo “Let go and Let God” is NOT PASSIVE PERMISSION TO DO NOTHING . . . YOU ARE GOD !! IMHO 'faith' is simply the belief that everything in this moment is exactly as it is supposed to be . . . in other words, 'there are no accidents'. If you're witnessing something or somebody, our Universe is presenting you with an opportunity – an opportunity you are already an energetic participant in. Einstein proved in 1910 that you cannot observe something without affecting it; there is no standing behind the glass in neutrality. Me God feels that since I am already affecting it, I might as well beam some love in whatever form that's called for into the vibrational mix.

You God comes with all the goods, every scintilla of what your cosmic fractal of the hologram requires is embedded. You God are filled with the passions of free will. Stop being frightened of others; the judgmental one's opinions only serve to make them feel safe and have nothing to do with you; you are just the mirror in which they are encountering themselves. You God are an unconditional force field absolutely free of sins or virtues; free to create a heaven or hell in your life and that of others. Me God can assure You God that this life is not a test, nor are you going to be graded at the end by some imaginary gatekeeper.

Me God begs of you to not follow the commandments and laws of man meant to control your every whim; You God has an unconditional heart to serve with abandon. As there is no heavenly judge, you are encouraged to color outside the lines. Weird, artistic, strange are the exultant creations of You God. Creating out of that heart of yours in love may still push someone's button; so be it, rest easy that you are playing your role in the matrix that ends in the highest good.

If you are willing to accept the invocation of You God, then your ego probably wants a book of instructions about how to never make a mistake (there are none), and to be safe in your excitations. Me God would like to assure You God that there is no such thing as control., yet there are no accidents. Everything we create does excites everything else.

Instead of a book, You God's are informed of their fractal place in the Universe by listening to the flow. Shaman's term it 'being impeccable'; their sole calling is to listen and witness, entering the fray if the flow calls upon then to do so. If you find yourself doing or saying something that has your ego screaming 'WHAT THE HECK', trust that you are in the flow. 'Strain and effort' mean stop. If it feels good to your heart, keep on keeping on. HO TO THE FLOW for only it knows.

My mantra for the last 34 years used in meditation is:

“Let go . . . and let God . . . be me”