Relatives by Choice - Hunkas

Being without any genetic family for 25 years, I have long practiced forming a family by choice rather than being confined by the karmic roulette of a nuclear family. There are some words that travel across many the border and tribal custom . . . . one of those words is 'hunka' (hoon-KAH) . . . which means "relative by choice".

In many of the First Peoples tribes, if you encountered another who you felt moved to announce to The Universe as your brother, mother, or other relative, you could petition the elders for this person to become a 'hunka'.

In most tribal conditions, the 'hunka' ceremony was second only to the 'sundance' in importance, so revered was this recognition of "family by choice" being more powerful than that of the genetic connection.

I also strongly promote forming a 'council of elders' with your hunkas. A circle that will unconditionally witness your aspirations and hold them in their hearts. No feedback ever from The Council unless you ask them for such. When your tongue wags your dreams; and your ears hear you confessing same to a circle of loving hearts, not only your universe, but The Universe shifts in powerful ways. The butterflies in China will celebrate with a heart-smile.