An option to "You're Welcome"

Many of our social customs come and go by rote without energy or meaning. Recently I have had some experiences that have dramatically changed my interactions with the throw-away line “You're welcome.” Funny, as a child living in Southern California, immersed in the Mexican culture, 'de nada', meaning 'it was nothing', often upset me. “De nada” felt like someone was throwing away my 'thank you' as meaningless.

A couple of weeks ago, at 3:00 in the morning, heading from the marina's bathroom back to the boat, there was a fisherman I didn't recognize coming out of the parking lot looking like a porcupine, juggling rods & reels, dock line and a cooler. Seemed propitious that I was there as the security gate is spring loaded, requires a pass card, and is a bit to handle even when your hands are free. So I hold the gate for him and corral the splayed rods together so he could get through. Once inside, seemingly in a state of shock from our meeting in the dark of the morning, he was effusive in thanking me as he was wondering how he was ever going to get all his stuff through the gate.

Spontaneously (what else could it have been at that time of day) I replied: “You know there are no accidents. Spirit has honored me to be able to assist you, but let's be very clear that Spirit's primary intention was not only to inform you of her presence but also to walk alongside in your fishing trip today. Peace out . . . Love is . . .”

He began to tear up; triggering the same in me. One of those moments of magic that all too often it is our custom to miss with a throw-away salutation. Facing death by puncture wound going for a hug, I bowed, headed out the gate, nothing more said.

Since that experience, I have stopped saying 'You're Welcome', and have risked making an 'out loud' human heart connection. Simply refusing to casually ignore that there are no accidents while verbally acknowledging that we are all indeed 'walking each other home'. I hereby testify that it has enriched my daily experience, not only as a giver but as a receiver. It has subtly changed my etheric signature so that on three occasions since, people have gone way out of their way to assist me. Once again, not throwing away a 'thank you' but taking a moment to share my heart. Though requiring one to step out of the box of our cultural norms; I am so enthused by the shift in my interactions with so-called 'strangers' as to entreat you to try it; you'll like it.