Think You've Been in the Pits

This is shared not only for the laughs; but to highlight the possibilities of the flow. Long before it became conscious for me, I had some intuitive sense of the flow, its' seeming 7-year cycle, and mostly went with it. Practiced architecture for 7 years; morphed into an inventor / entrepreneur for 7 years; became a futures trader for 7 years; and at 40 birthed a shaman whose life motto became: HO TO THE FLOW . . . for only it knows. Though I was not consciously participating in this flow till after my awakening, now possess the realization that I personally created every last iota of this dance. Please consider the possibilities of you dancing your own passion out on life's stage . . . . strongly believe that it floats all of our boats.

Yes, the opening scene with the guy in the fur coat getting into the car won on a bet is moi !! Three years after this was my shamanic awakening.

Love is . . . .