The Healer Myth

THE HEALER MYTH . . Three decades of play has something to say. Healers are attracted to the healing arts in the unconscious belief that by healing others, they will somehow heal themselves. This is a myth; in part, highlighted by the suicide rate amongst psychologist.

IMHO no one can heal another; that is an 'inside' job. Healers can simply place another in a nutrient, unconditional environment that facilitates healing to take place. Unconditional loving healers are not attached to outcomes; those choices are way above any mortal’s pay-grade.

Though clients project on me being "the healer"; in truth, the irony is the exact opposite: clients come to heal me!! Rarely, if ever, have I felt a client got more out of our dance than I did; they always bring the mirror I need to witness next for my own healing. In fact, if the client gets anything out of the dance, that is proof of grace; of win-win; of there are no accidents.

HO TO THE FLOW . . . for only it knows

Love is . . .