Intro to the Flow

HO TO THE FLOW . . . for only it knows

Consider that in every moment you are literally being held in the hands of God. IMHO God is not to be defined by the words of men. Rather it is an all-encompassing feedback loop of energy that sometimes gets referred to as the 'collective conscious' or the 'galactic intelligence'. Energy is never destroyed . . . energy follows thought . . . everything we collectively create is returned to us in this Gaussian field of a feedback loop. I refer to this chrysalis energy coursing through my body 24/7 as "the flow"; and am dedicated to impeccably remain in harmony with its intelligence. I don't understand, nor need to; rather listen, witness and do my best to stay attuned. The human connection to this force field is called 'intuition.'

I have lived the last 36 years in 'the flow'. Sustaining health and happiness from having ceded my ego to become a reverent witness. At the dawn of my shamanic awakening, was greeted by two power-animals informing me that my high IQ "didn't know shit !!" Of course, my ego fought valiantly for the first couple of years before falling into the ecstasy of simply going with the flow.

There is an ancient proverb: "you can never stand in the same river twice", as every experience in life is fleeting, usually only regretting the ones we pass up. Yet most of my clients expend the majority of their energy attempting to stand in the river of life as a pier, believing they're safe from that which swirls past them. The irony being that this effort often ends in dis-ease . . . the body breaking down from the effort of living through all the rigidity of fear.

My practice when doing anything is to witness if there is flow, noticing if you should 'be here'. If not, stop, seek something else out until that knowing arrives that you are where you are supposed to be in the moment. If you rarely feel in the flow with your vocation, it is no less a matter of life or death to change it . . . you are making a death, not a living. I implore from being a resident on your tree-of-life; I am because you are, we are one . . . when you heal, it heals me.

HO TO THE FLOW . . . for only it knows

Love is . . .