A Goodly Godly Discussion

October 2018

A month ago, my Jesuit priest muse, Father Harold Lapointe awakened my ever so comfortable assumptions about spirituality by placing the mirror of a philosophical treatise by Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677) in front of me that is the better part of four-hundred years old. The good Father also informed me that my musical muse, Leonard Cohen, was a disciple of Spinoza's, so that explains everything whilst embracing that understanding is greatly overrated.

Though not the good Father's intention, seemed as though the gauntlet had been thrown down to take a refreshing look at my own beliefs. God/Spirit . . . . . a definition

Before diving in, let's be clear; this is my truth, mine alone, not to be projected on others. I write to slow down Wright enough to eek out some gleanings of what is going on between my synapses. Even trolling for those gems, my foundational tenet is to live as a heart rather than a head, "understanding still being greatly overrated". And understanding me in no way imputes understanding anyone or anything else. I share in the Kabbalistic belief that, if one is honored to receive the gift, it must be shared. And the "gift" in this case is chock full of duality. Thus this endeavor is solely for my own health; if the words trigger some benefit in your own creation, that will be grace.

All things 'me' begin with spirituality. Feel the term "God" has been so raped and bastardized through man's avarice as to be amorphous. Prefer to use 'spirit' instead and, though asexual, refer to her in the feminine because so many have been abused and dominated by the masculine. Untenable in everyday conversation, honoring the tradition of never being spoken aloud, the ancient Jewish symbol YHWH is bedrock for me. A metaphoric symbol of living power that remains unspoken because it can never be defined. Unspoken as in 'awe'; the love of God passeth all understanding; all things, sentient and not, dancing together continuously. YHWH literally means "I that I am".

I have never been a proponent of the man-made concepts of creation, though to be fair so is mine; ie: 14 plus religions based on a virgin-birth origin stories; or the whole enchilada cooked up in six days, 6000 years ago. Though no longer taught in schools, the universe I embrace began like a dozen billion years ago and has evolved from there. There is, nor ever was a YHWH who created it, let alone imagined it. There is no time, another of those man-made postulates to befuddle the brain. No past, no future . . . . . the collective of every form that energy inhabits is the chrysalis of now.

Recent discoveries postulate an affirmation as to the process of evolution taught to me by my guides decades ago. Recently able to analyze DNA history has led scientist to the realization that the evolution of living beings does not occur when the strong mate with the strong, or weak with weak. Rather evolution occurs in micro-steps when the strong bond with the weak or across breeds . . . . . an thus spawned this modern genre of evolution, the "Slut Theory".

So 14 billion years ago, the big bang spewed forth inert atomic forms as only those could survive such an event. So if all was inert, how did life begin . . . . well 8 billion years of entropy happened until the co-valence of 'weak' atoms broke down enough for hydrogen and oxygen to begin to bond together as water. Then 500 million years later the continued breakdown of atomic structures allowed two sluts to get together as prokaryotic cells, such as bacteria. Surge forward another 4 billion years of sluts occasionally having their way, and here we are.

Inhabiting a universe where not one iota of energy can be destroyed, only morph into other forms; forms that sometimes are totally unique. A universe where even the densest rock is a vibrating dance of atoms; atoms that are all reacting to one another in subtle, yet imperative ways. We are yet another form of these complex 'one-off' atoms that are having an experience as a human, one that never existed before nor will again. Yet the "I am that I am" can never remove itself from being an interactive participant in the whole; as fractals of the hologram.

Solids, liquids, gasses, plasmas ad infinitum; everyone and thing contributing to the energy field we are swimming in. Ergo: though that may just seem like the physics of our universe, I believe that every unique collection of energy, no matter a rock or a tree, has a conscience. That this collective conscience field is God/Spirit . . . . . an ever-present energy field being distilled by every being-form, such as DNA for us 2-leggeds, that no person or thing groks in exactly the same way. And to enhance the mystery, our collective conscious God/Spirit is never the same for two seconds in a row.

The very basis for our word 'spirit' goes back 10,000 years or so ago, before man decided to politicize religion in order to control masses of people. The First People's belief back then was that humankind was swimming in this substance called 'ether' which was considered to be the 'unconditional love of God". The Latin word, spiritus, spawned of this belief literally means 'to breathe'. The paradigm being that all one needed to do to be 'of spirit' was to breathe in this love of God.

As the Latin morphed into modern language, consider our word "respiration" . . . re-spirit-ation. Love, being unconditional is never forced upon us. Yet, science informs that the weight of the ether in our atmosphere places a pressure 14.7 pounds per square inch, or roughly about 3,000 pounds of pressure on each one of us. Imagine Spirit applying this 'love-pressure' in such a gentle way so as we do not even feel it. Yet, if one wants to be spirited, all they have to do is consciously hold the tone, open their mouth, and breathe in all the love one could ever want.

My personal aspiration is to be a heart as a sentient human this time around, centered in a tree of life that is at 'the center of the Universe'. My health and well-being to heal is the vital focus. Furthermore, believe those energies of love magically infuse everyone else hanging out on my tree. That no matter the maelstrom or travail, I aspire to reside at the center in ecstasy, not in judgment nor attachment to outcome, to witness all in the unconditional. For 36 years running, I am inspired to heal every wound, so there are no buttons left to push. Though years since I have been angry about anything, must admit that violence still upsets me (see "VIOLENCE the elephant in my room" separately).

My personal topography of spirituality has been distilled down to an "HO TO THE FLOW" philosophy . . . the concept of 'control' being one of the most onerous in the encyclopedia of human creations. Outside of man, there is no judgment, nor shame, nor blame, nor wright or wrong, nor good or bad. Every 3-year old in the sandbox is a shaman; an innocent, witnessing energy as multiple streams of Gaussian splendor informing every moment. Then our parents, teachers, and preachers yank us out of the sandbox to 'adulterate' us with fear steeped in conditional love. Yes, virtually everything in life that causes stress was taught to us by other humans. My primary karmic challenge is to take my power back from this indoctrination. "HO TO THE FLOW" postulates that the essence of a life experience is aspiring to listen, witness, and stay in the flow of the God/Spirit.

It follows that my complete definition of 'faith' is: "a belief that everything in this moment is exactly as it is supposed to be" . . . . . or the new age way of putting it: "There are no accidents." Not one iota of the energy has been lost since the big bang, all of everything is an evolving vibrating admixture of that energy which through billions of years has created every scintilla of our world . . . and every scintilla is alive with that vibe. The 'I am that I am' is currently a form of energy molded through evolution to the experience of 'being' a human. As Edgar Cayce postulated, a googolplex squared of souls birthed out of the Big Bang, each soul an Akashic seed defined in today's terms as a terra-gigabyte hard drive which has recorded every deed, word, feeling, thought, and intent that has ever occurred into your seed. As an aside: access to your hard drive is available through shamanic journeying. There is no 'death', only morphing from one form to the next with our Akashic seed following along intact. Everything is energy, a vibration that dances; never destroyed, yet always changing form.

Will close taking a detour about our evolution. Though there is only now; as a trader following the markets for over 50 years, one learns that the trend is your friend; or its' sequel in physics, an object in motion tends to stay in motion. Ergo: considering our evolutionary trend, we began with our Mother Earth providing a nutrient environment for the 'slut' atoms over thousands of millennia to create nature . . . . the fundamental tenet of 'nature' being an abhorrence of all things out of balance.

Recently these sluts brought us a new life form which stood up to walk on two feet, had opposed thumbs and an all-new mental marvel, the ego. Said ego has evolved so insidiously under the false icon of 'control' to create unheard of imbalances. These control-freak humans have gone so far as to destroy the very home upon which their survival depends; wantonly kill one another over nothing more than skin color or religious beliefs; dismiss science, stopped teaching evolution, promote slavery as good business practice, and find joy in belittling others on an unfathomable scale. It is my belief that our friend, the trend portends that the sluts have created a being that will destroy itself as an evolving species. On that cheerful note, hopefully I will have graduated into being a dolphin by then.

I cried when I wrote this song . . . sue me if I played too long

HO TO THE FLOW . . . . . for only it knows

Love is . . . . . an inside job