Cut Flowers - A Life & Death Sentence Combined

Moved to ask for your consideration before you buy or cutting the stem of a flower. Not only does it deprive all sorts of nature's beings a home and the bee its' nectar; for the flower, it is a death sentence. An additional consideration is that cut flowers being flown daily all over the world are having a measurable impact on climate change.

Having said that, sometimes on special occasions, there seems no other solution than a cut flower to express your caring. So if that be the case, may I suggest offering that flower with a request as to its' care that will, as a coyote trick, also improve the health of the recipient. Most of you know how to bring the unconditional love of God into your hearts and then beam it out in 'hands-on' or distance healing. If you don't, it is the same ritual used by The Bloomin Beamers captured in this YouTube video in Marshall's Videos: Being a Bloomin Beamer

I herewith testify that if every day you and/or the flower's recipient give it fresh water and take the stem of the flower in your hands to beam love on it, the life and joy that flower emanates will be extended five fold. Years ago, I had occasion to present some cut roses to a fine lady, already a Bloomin Beamer, with the codicil that she beam on the flowers daily. A fortnight later, I got a “you would not believe” phone call from her. Seems that one stem had not only grown a new bulb but that it had actually bloomed a new rose that morning; leaving her with the realization that her beamed 'love' was the sole life force of its creation.

As to the coyote trick you need not mention, I further guarantee that inviting in unconditional love and then consciously beaming it on another, even the stem of a flower, has an empowering effect on the health of the one acting as the channel. Love is not unidirectional; it infects everything it comes in contact with.

HO TO THAT FLOW . . . . .

Love is . . . . .