My “Coming Out” Bitch Slap . . . . .

My birthday yesterday was an auspicious event. As most of you, like me, are on a spiritual walkabout into the mystery, feel called to share the kickoff of my 'coming out' party with the website. Believe you know of my cellular belief in Fibonacci Numbers, imagining my anticipation of turning 76 which added together makes this a '13' year; the most powerful number in my life since childhood.

So I awaken to celebrate, having snuck over the cusp into my '13' year whilst dream-catching. Me, my power animals and drum do our normal horizontal beaming session with some special zest for launching the website, etc. Finally get up, march out to the salon feeling like this 13-year is going to be an all downhill, sleigh-ride of glorious experiences.

Fire up my notebook computer which powers a twice-as-big flatscreen in front of it. A flatscreen that, having served me well every day for the last dozen years, stays dark. I reboot, disconnect and reconnect the cord, yada, yada for 30 minutes before finally declaring the flatscreen deceased.

All of a sudden the light appears through the crack in an eruption of laughter upon realizing that Spirit is standing in front of me, with a pair of soft-leather opera gloves hanging from her hand, bitch-slapping on one cheek, then the other. Wright off the bat, making sure I take nothing for granted in this self-vaunted '13' year.

Fair warning once again: "don't go there until you get there." But, no matter what, have fun in the journey.

HO TO THAT FLOW . . . . .