Follow the CoupRider's physical and spiritual journey . . . alongside the boat and its skipper as they meander down the path of divine mystery.

FGP's CoupRider_64kbps.mp3

The song "CoupRider" featuring the late Frank Anthony & Barbara McAfee of The Flying Green Pigs

In my walk-about, I have come to witness money as “life-energy”. The essential element of that energy being its ability to facilitate "freedom of choice". A condition came with my shamanic gifts that they were never to be attached to money. Synergy also gifted me the Lakota word and concept not found in English of 'icamani' (EE-cah-ma-knee) meaning to 'walk alongside'.

In the moment, the flow pushes me further out of my self-imposed box to ask you to walk alongside me, icamani, in order to sustain my calling. Please donate 'beams and beans' if you have any to spare. I am honored to have you walking alongside as we wend our way down the trail of divine mystery, walking each other home.

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