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Bonni Stover, one of the original eight Bloomin Beamers which now number 350 across 21 countries, has been encouraging me for months to jump off this cliff of my fears in reaching out. To ease me into taking flight, she even has offered up the following:

February 10, 2019

To all those blessed to know Rev. Marshall Wright and those that have not yet had this delight.

Marshall’s calling since his Shamanic awakening has been to live life in love following his inner guides. His purpose has been not to lead but to walk alongside each of us.

His hugs have shown others how to EMBRACE themselves with the love that surrounds them. He has held the space for what is unique in all of us and honored each ones path.

He has given others INSIGHT into their own healing energy

Marshall has brought together an international circle of people to recognize the power of BEAMing . Realizing when we let go of our independence and embrace our interdependence we heal ourselves and in turn mother earth. This safe space has given many the courage to ask for the light/love energy we share.

There have been times when we have needed to ask for support or insight and Marshall has been there connecting us to a larger community. Encouraging us to ask when support was needed. Now it is his turn to ask, not easy for any of us.

With a deep breath, he is asking you to walk alongside with beams and donate to support his walkabout if you are so moved. The energy he gives with great love has not been in exchange for money for many years. The rewards are beyond measure and still, there is a time when it is imperative to ask as money is also an energy form that can facilitate freedom to continue our purpose.