Shamanic Hacks & Rituals

All things shamanic are about 'energy follows thought' . . . . what you think is. May seem incongruous that though energy obeys, one's aspiration can never be about control, nor attachment to an outcome. IMHO all energy is the matter of love . . unconditional . . . used to give 'permission for' rather than a 'demand to.' You can find my deep dive by clicking here.

Our egos are prejudiced against giving up control, let alone admitting that the very concept of 'control' is a man-made illusion. Science has proven that every atom in every situation is making its own choice; that choice predictable, yet not guaranteed. Thus are the occurrences in the realm regarding health labeled spontaneous remission, or miracles, when, in time, you will come to understand them in most aspects as normal.

Likewise, our egos are not very fond of us tuning into the universal vibrations such as your intuition. Playing with these hacks and rituals is a way to begin making that very long journey of 13 inches, which the Tibetan's call 'crazy making', from your head to your heart.

Play, realizing that nature always listens while humans rarely do. Play, without boundaries, hopes or doubts; your experiences will become gifts of awareness and efficacy that will morph into your being ready to live them.

and HO TO THAT FLOW . . . . .