Case Manager Resources

Student Information

Here I am going to at least link to the Student Information Excel Document where I keep track of everything about the students. A lot of this ends up going into IEPs, into updates, into parent meetings, into pass up meetings to the next grade, and more.

I also plan to put in my progress monitoring forms when I dial them in the way I want them.

Case Manager Letter to Parents

I think my main goal for this is to let parents know that they have a point person at the school and I am on it. I want to convey to them that I am not just somebody that writes an IEP once a year and has a meeting with them once a year, but I am there to help them with behaviors, transition, choosing classes, etc. I guess the bottom line is that I feel that as a Spedukator we have a bigger role in the lives of these children than their average teacher and I can be the first person they talk to about anything.

Accommodations Forms

In Los Angeles we called these “Passports”, at my current school they are the “green form” or the Accommodations form.

-The SDC forms that I have can have a ‘dropdown’ menu for teachers names, and you can lock the document and what not.

- You can make different versions of each form based on the needs of the student (i.e. mix and match the accommodations on the list depending on the grade level, disability levels, etc.)

- The bottom of the sheet has learning styles based on online assessments (Google it), and it also has the strengths and weaknesses based on psych reports, teacher feedback, observations, etc.

Forms and Templates

These are random documents that help me guide meetings, log communication, “manage” teaching assistants, etc.


I don’t claim to be a great IEP writer, but I did take the time to take out names and organize these IEPs so people (you) could see examples of how to write IEPs and the goals and different IEPs (i.e. 30 Day),etc.

Most of these things (or all) are mandated by Federal legislation such as IDEA 2004 ( LINK ), or perhaps distract mandates at times. Thus if you have any questions about the 30-day timeline, FAPE, etc., I would posit that looking into the IDEA 2004 ( LINK ) would be a good place to get a full idea.

Also, the random docs that aren’t in a sub-folder can help with the miscellany of the IEP process. Between the IEP checklist to make sure you have everything, up until the IEP calendar to planning all the meetings.

Here are some of the sub-folders you will find below and an explanation of what is there:

- FAPE: Stands for “Free Appropriate Public Education”. As part fo the IEP process we add this statement and I have templates that I have used for SDC, RSP and Autism Inclusion

- PLP (Present Levels of Performance): These are part of the IEP where you discuss how the student is doing in the goal areas. I have various ones depending on general levels. I hope that they may give you an idea of things that you can say, hopefully it’s not too wack

- Three Year IEPs: These are more detailed IEPs and I have the templates, and examples of how you can fill these out.

- Goals: You can find goals for the IEPs, sentence starters, and in the “PLP” folder you will find more goals also. This is similar to a ‘goal bank’. Hopefully this can help you get started

- 30-day: If memory serves correct, these are done when you have a new student in your district. I have one or two here that could give you an idea of how to go about writing one of these.