Progression of Consequences

NOTE:  I wrote a super detailed blog post about the stuff below and updated my approaches.  I will keep what's below for now for the sake of seeing some progressions in my practice, but please know that this blog post is much more detailed and can be found here:

This is a living document...changes are made as's also fluid and 'equitable' for each student


This is a progression and it’s about escalation of consequences.  For example, if a student has lunch detention all week for not turning in the “to-do sheet”, and then he gets a lunch detention because a teacher emailed me about a problem…..then I will give him breaks all week, instead of the normal lunch detention that a teacher email would cause.

However, if he has lunch detention all week and gets 3 detentions for not turning in enrichment card, or something like that….I would go for after school detention for 1.5 hours (3 enrichments worth of time) because it’s more than just one lunch……

I’m trying to make this as clear as possible for the students, but sometimes it’s a little unclear….and that’s okay.  I keep a printed copy of this hung up on the wall next to my desk, and also have a version on Moodle for anyone to access.  As long as they know somethings going to happen if they don’t turn in a form, get in trouble in class, etc..  And if they are judicious they can use this as a resource.

On another note…I often give them opportunities to take the detention off.  Playing the coin toss game, or the coin put game, or if they can finish a certain homework or project in a set period of time I will take a day off…if they can give me their to-do sheets 5 times in a row I will give them a detention pass…..if they have a good weekly report, I will give them a pass.

Note:  School detentions trump my detentions.  If they can’t come to my (lunch, after school, Saturday, etc.) because they have a detention for tardies or behavior in another class or something of the sort, they will miss my detention and get the next progression of consequences for that (i.e. if they miss my lunch detention and already have lunch all week, they will get breaks all week)




A list of consequences and the order they come in:


1) Lunch detention

2) Lunch all week

3) Breaks all week

4)  Saturday school               or                   After school detention for 1 hour(depending on what my schedule is and what we are willing to work out)


        a)  If after school detention was chosen, next step is Saturday school

 b)  If Saturday school is chosen, then the next consequence will be After School detentions all week


5) In-school suspension

6) Suspension with meeting before you come back.  Discussion of behavior probation




Things that will earn a consequence:


1) If I receive an email from a teacher it will earn a lunch detention.  If he already has one, then he will get the next level up which is lunch all week


2) If he does not do a “to-do” sheet he will have a lunch detention for the rest of the week.  If he already has a detention he will then get break detention also for the rest of the week.  If he already has that, then he will be in Saturday school



3) 3 warnings during detention will land him in Saturday school


4)  NO enrichment card for that week = a lunch detention for each enrichment they were supposed to go to the week before (i.e. 4 enrichments missed is then 4 lunch detentions)


5) If a “weekly” (behavior report) is not turned in on time, or they have a bad report, the student will automatically receive lunch and break detention all week


6) See the bottom of some students’ weeklies in order to get an idea of what happens if they don’t turn in weekly or have it complete.  Some students that are on a weekly have specific consequences that will occur.


7) Etc.