Knowing the IEP: Present Levels & Goals

The unit (attached at bottom of page) is one I created while working at an international school in Ethiopia and it was geared mainly for students in high school and adapted for middle schoolers. We had a pull-out Resource class where we worked on IEP goals, self-advocacy, filling some gaps, learning strategies, and content support. I also developed three units to help them take charge of their learning. They were "Understanding Disabilities", "Accommodations", and "Knowing the IEP".

This unit, "Knowing the IEP: Present Levels & Goals" is centered around middle and high school students’ burgeoning understanding of the main components of an Individual Education Plan (IEP), how it relates to their learning, what their previous IEP’s asserted, and this will lead to students ultimately in this unit and later units taking part in crafting their current IEP present levels of performance, accompanying goals, and accommodations.

Since these activities are done in the Resource/pull-out setting they are not meant to take up too much time each day. Approximately 15-20 minutes over around 10 days.

I have attached a very detailed unit plan below and the Day by Day plan, to share the meat of the unit.

Here is a link to the UNIT PLAN on a Google Doc: LINK ....and the DAY BY DAY PLAN: LINK

However, since it took a lot of time to initially develop the unit, and since it took me about 5 hours of work to remix it so it was clear to any user that would download it and everything was perfect, I am putting the files of the daily activities on Teachers Pay Teachers so my time can get compensated a little bit. A couple dollars. But if you aren't in a position to pay, or can't pay through Teachers Pay Teachers, contact me through email and I will send you the docs:

For access to all activities and presentations: