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Over the years I have taught various subjects in the Special Day Class (SDC...self-contained), general ed, University, and have "co-taught" in many classes. I have compiled a fair amount of worksheets, study guides, Powerpoints, Unit Plans, etc. that go along with these subjects. I have been trying to find a way to share this with the world so they can take it and improve on it and don't have to reinvent the wheel.

Unit Planning, etc.:

I felt that here would be the best place to put planning templates I either use (thanks people!) or developed to help me in planning lessons, units, for my pull-out resource classes (e.g. the Cycle Plan), etc.

Resource Class (pull-out):

The following unit plans and activities are things I've done to support the students in the resource pull-out class. I have some full units and all activities linked. Others took so long to develop, and then remix and redo so they were fit to share, that I decided to put them on Teachers Pay Teachers becase for me, time is money. However, I made sure to put a very tight skeleton of a framework here so you can fill in the pieces as you wish....or support on TPT :)

SDC (Special Day Class):

The SDC classes in California are designed to work with students who are not at the level to be in a regular education class, with support (Resource Students), but students who are not low enough to work on basic skills (MR, Life Skills, etc.). These Special Day Class (SDC) students are in the middle of this spectrum; they can master many of the academic standards, but need more time and more support. Where I have taught, the focus is on teaching the content that all the other students in the State are learning, but to do it on a slower pace, and reduced standards; focusing more on key standards. Although I have a Special Education credential and only had to pass the CSET (California Subject Examinations for Teachers) Multiple

Subjects test, in order to be "highly qualified" to teach SDC English or Social Sciences according to No Child Left Behind (NCLB), I had to take the CSET for English and Social Sciences. I passed the English and Social Sciences tests, (but not the science). Therefore I feel that my level of knowledge of the curriculum in those areas is adequate, and improving.Over the years I have taught SDC Biology, U.S. History, World History, Art History, and English 9-12. Some of these classes I have taught several times (i.e. U.S. History and English 9), so I have more content. Other classes I have less. Furthermore, for some classes I had generous general ed teachers share content with me and I will aim to add that information to this site also.

Please see the class names below below for the corresponding pages that relate to the SDC classes that I have resources for. These can be found at the curriculum drop down tab towards the top of the page (the Google Sites conversion took away my links!)

General Education classes:

In addition to the aforementioned SDC classes, I have also taught a couple of general education classes, and the resources are much more detailed and organized, as I have taught these classes in the past few years and my skill level as a teacher was improving. I taught the Academic Writing class at a university in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic called PUCMM. I taught a similar class at the same time in an international high school in Santo Domingo and the class is below and is called "Writing Skills". The SAT Prep (English part) class was at the same private school.

For each class I have intended to break down the whole course into a series of units. From there I have a unit plan for each unit. This is a traditional unit plan that has the enduring understanding, vocab, lessons, misconceptions, timeline, etc. From there I usually have a "Day by Day Unit Plan" that goes through the nitty gritty of each day. And from there subsequent files will be the resources that I will use.

Below you will find links to pages that contain folders for the aforementioned classes of:

Co-teaching / push-in / ... collaborated with teachers and have resources:

Some of these resources have more things than others. It could be that either the collaboration was less due to some factors such as time, or some were several years ago when I wasn't so computer savvy, and didn't organize things well digitally. At any rate, click the links below to take you to a page that has the resources

Geometry (flipped)

"Tiered Activity Template" Add it here and describe it.