Mandatory STUDY TIME

If the to-do sheets aren’t helping achieve the desired results or the student is regularly not doing them we will move to one hour of mandatory study time each week. 

The students can do this in the 30 minute chunks and can do it either with the classroom teacher where they have the low grade, or with me.  It must be signed off on the card attached to this page as a file, and if they don’t do it one week they will have to make it up the next week.

 I begin this process with an email home explaining the change in plan and I note it in their Student Excel File.

If this one hour a week is not leading to the growth we would like to see then this is where I talk to the teacher(s) and the parents and say that w will likely go to two hours a week soon, but we should also consider if a tutor is needed.


              Please see attachment below for Word version.

Beckett Haight,
Apr 19, 2018, 8:05 PM