These are forms that we use to help monitor a student's behavior on a weekly basis.  The behaviors we look at come from observation and feedback from the teacher.  We try to focus on two to three behaviors or areas to focus on.  While the goal is not to turn the student into a robot, we try to get them to help keep the dynamics of the class positive and help the student to do well in class.  These often come at the beginning of the intervention process.  They are not too intrusive nor time consuming, but it helps to establish some norms, some baseline data, and can be used to help with reinforcement systems at home and at school.


The process is that student fills out the weekly either by talking to all of their teachers, or by meeting with me on Friday, going over a few areas, and then they take it home.  This is the ticket to their weekend.  They show it to mom (or dad), check grades, sign the paper and if everything is good, the student has a good weekend and the next week they have full privileges.  If not, they will get things taken away like electronics, going out, etc.

I get the “Weekly” the following Monday after it's signed and give rewards or consequences based on that.  Reward is usually a detention pass or two, and everything is written on page two of the weekly so that there is no confusion and everything is very clear.


These come in two formats:


1) The weekly check that is done just with the Resource teacher, the student and the parent.  This one is like a first step in the progression.  To keep the kid aware of things they need to do to be successful, and to keep the parents in the loop:

Weeklies ‎‎‎(with Case Manager)‎‎‎

2) The weekly behavior check that has teachers rate the students behaviour for the week is something that teachers will rate the student on:

Weeklies ‎‎(signed off by teachers)‎‎