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Autoroute 73 highway extension from Beauce Quebec to Maine border on Route 173 to US Route 201 in Jackman

Welcome to the unofficial website about the extension of Autoroute 73 (highway 73) to St.Georges in Beauce, Quebec. Use the main menu at right and scroll down to reach the English pages. Take a minute to read the About us page. You'll find many pictures of the current construction work. Look at the timeline of this long awaited extension project as well as information about what's new: talks of a new extension around St.Georges or to Maine and details about road and border improvements in the Beauce region. Send me your questions & comments and thank you for visiting!

Highway 73
Looking North at the newly built Famine River bridge and the 90th street overpass in St.Georges (2012)

Breaking News!

September 28, 2016

The final stretch of Autoroute 73 will open on Friday September 30th.

The latest and final four-lane divided stretch of Autoroute 73 will open on September 30th 2016. The missing link of Autoroute 73 will finally be completed and open. Autoroute 73 will now begin at Route 204 in St-Georges and will reach Quebec City without any unbuilt sections.

Quebec's DOT will open the roadway on Friday September 30th at an undisclosed time. An official ceremony will be held one week later with local authorities.

This will mark the end of a 43-year wait by the southern Beauce population.

The city of St-Georges is now pleading for a new extension that would by pass the city center to reach Maine. Another option on the table is to extend the highway as a boulevard that would only by-pass the city. Either way, one of the goals would be to help solve current and future traffic issues in the city and also to make the region more accessible to the United-States.

Updated: October 14, 2018