Autoroute 73 highway extension from Beauce Quebec to Maine border on Route 173 to US Route 201 in Jackman
« When I grow up, Autoroute 73 will have reached St-Georges right?»

Welcome to the unofficial website about the extension of Autoroute 73 (highway 73) to St.Georges in Beauce, Quebec.  Use the menu at right (in french) or below (in english) to browse the site. Take a minute to read the About us page.  You'll find many pictures of the current construction work.  Look at the timeline of this long awaited extension project as well as information about what's new: the extension to St.Georges, maybe around St.Georges, to Maine and details about road and border improvements in the Beauce region.  Send me your questions & comments and thank you for visiting!



Highway 73
Looking North at the new Famine River bridge and the 90th street overpass in St.Georges (2012)

 Breaking News!
November 21, 2013
Opening of the new 4.3 KM stretch of Autoroute 73 in Saint-Georges

The new roadway has opened to traffic on Thursday, November 21, 2013. The opening of this stretch of highway now allow users to move to St. George between Route 204 and 74th Street.

This highway, stretching 4.3 KM includes a massive bridge spanning the Famine River, an overpass at 90th Street, a roundabout at the intersection of Route 204 and the interchange at 74th Street.

Updated: 10.18.2014

DISCLAIMER: This is a personal and unofficial website that has a goal of putting together informations, pictures and news articles related to the extension of Autoroute 73 (highway 73).  The author and the site are in no way related to anyone inlvolved directly or not to the extension of Autoroute 73, whether it's governments, department of transportation, city officials or any other.  See the website of Transport Quebec and the BAPE for more information and official impact studies and plans.