This web site is focused on the idea of micro-manufacturing & micro-assembly lines. 

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The Microfactory Concept

Design, Construction, and Use of a Micro-assembly line, or Micro-manufacturing line offers interesting possibilities.  Such a configuration would, in concept, be used to efficiently manufacture or assemble small parts into relatively small assemblies.  These assemblies could be the end product or parts for some larger assembly.

Conceptually, a Micro-Factory (Microfactory) would be built on a single portable or semi-portable table or work surface.  It would have some level of microprocessor control, and could have human involvement or human work station(s) at certain steps in the process.

Our view of a Microfactory does not include small manufacturing or assembly installations which might occupy  a major portion of floor space in a commercial building.  This would simply be a small manufacturing or assembly organization.  Microfactory in concept is smaller than that.  It would include a full start-to-finish process mounted on a single limited-footprint size board or panel.  It will be portable, or at least semi-portable, for storage between manufacturing or assembly runs.  A larger manufacturing organization might have several Microfactory units for specific functions, or a Microfactory might be the only equipment of a singular specialized operation.  The Microfactory concept is well suited to one-person manufacturing shops, or work-at-home industry.

Potential advantages of a Microfactury include

  • Precision from using small manipulators and fabricators
  • Minimal setup time because the line would remain set up
  • Production efficiency through use of automation techniques
  • Efficient raw material usage with minimal waste
  • Possible unattended operation (24-7) and continuous production
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1.  A Microfactory Project