Drill Press Safety Stop

Spin Control For The Drill Press 

Have you ever been drilling something on the drill press only to have the bit stick and the object being drilled spin out of control.  Here is a simple tool to help prevent this from happening.

This stop-block simply bolts to the drill press table and serves as a stop for larger items, or for the vise-grip or pliers that are being used to hold smaller items. 

 This stop block also serves as a steady rest when doing free-hand drilling.

Here is a spin stop block for  use on the drill press table.  It is just a scrap block of 1.125 OD iron rod that was drilled and tapped for a 3/8 inch bolt. 

There is a hole bored through from the side for using a Tommy Bar to install or remove it from the table.  The bolt that fastens this to the press table was made up by welding a nut and washer to a short section of threaded rod stock.