BITX Transceivers

My Working Pages for the BITX20 and it's many derivatives



  • Building the BIPH-80
    15 December 2009
  • BIPH-40A Assembly Manual
    15 May 2010
  • BIPH-80A Assembly Manual
    15 March 2010


The BITX Story

Farhan VU2ESE designed and published the first BITX transceiver.  His web page documents that work: 

Shortly after that event, the BITX discussion group on Yahoo Groups was started by Farhan VU2ESE and Hans G0UPL: 

Hans G0UPL put together the first parts kits for building your own BITX20.  Since that time there have been many BITX transceivers built using "ugly construction" method, and several now offer kit versions for 20 meters, and other bands:


BITX-40 Partial Kit from India (

80 Meter BITX (MKARS80) 

 In addition, there have been several PCB layouts published via the discussion group, and a PCB set for Farhan's original BITX20 is available from  Far Circuits

Leonard KC0WOX has contributed immensely to the BITX knowledge base, and by providing help for those having trouble with their BITX builds.  Leonard's BITX work is found on his web page at

Coil Placement Chart for BITXxxA kits (20 March 2010).