BIPH QRP SSB/CW Transceiver

A Bi-directional Direct Conversion Phasing SSB/CW  Transceiver




This page will be updated as progress is made on the project.  

Design Objectives:

  • Minimalist Circuit Design

  • Low Parts Count

  • Readily Available Parts

  • QRP (10 Watts) RF Output

  • Direct-Conversion Layout

  • Phasing SSB Generation

  • Polyphase SSB Receiver

  • SSB and CW Capability

  • VOX & QSK Operation

  • Computer Audio Interface

  • Ugly-construction Prototype

  • PCB Layout Availability


BIPH stands for BI-directional PHasing (BiPhase Transceiver), and reflects where this design originated.  Much of the circuitry in this design has been copied (plagiarized..?) from the BITX20 transceiver designed by Farhan VU2ESE and from subsequent BITX20A modifications of that design by Dan N7VE to make the BITX20A Kit and the BITX17A Kit transceivers.



Receive Audio:


Microphone Audio:


Transmit 1st RF Amp:



 Transmit 2nd RF Amp:



Transmit 3rd RF Amp:



Receive 3rd RF Amp:

 Receive 2nd RF Amp:

 Receive 1st RF Amp: