Arduino Projects and Information

  • Multi-port Digital Voltmeter
  • Frequency Meter with 74HC4060 Prescaler
  • D.U.T. Scalar Analyzer (In v/s Out signals)
  • Beacon Sender 
  • Arduino Radio Transceiver (Pixie + Arduino)
  • Arduino Tuned and Stabilized VFO
  • Arduino as a CNC Controller
  • Volkswagen Beetle Instrument Panel

HOW-TO . . . 
  • Using Arduino Epoch Clock,  micros(), for Timing Things
  • WD-C2041P LCD Display
  • Using a LAN Server to consolidate sketchbook files

  • Port-B, Bit-3, MOSI/OC2......Asynchronous input...?
  • Software Clocking the LF Oscillator Port