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This site is devoted to my various hobbies.

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+NEW Stuff+

  • Lots of new work completed here at K7HKL over the past couple of years but not much time has been devoted to documenting the results.  What has been documented is located at this URL:


    I know that is an ugly URL, but it is the best I can do for now.  The demise of DynDns left me without any good way to have a permanent URL for my web pages.  

NOTE:  If you were looking for my web page on, I am sorry to inform you that Yahoo has closed their Geocities web hosting.  They did this without notifying the users, thus we have lost all the information that was stored there.


 Ham Radio, QRP, QRSS, Test Equipment, Circuits, Receivers, Transmitters, Transceivers, Woodwork, Carpentry, Welding, Metal Working, Lathes, CNC Milling, Software Programming, Linux, Computers, Microcontrollers, Photographs, and much more...


More Changes

DynDNS has stopped supporting free Dynamic DNS or web redirection. This affects this web site by not allowing you to access it from "K7HKL.WEBHOP>NET" and not from "QRP.WEBHOP.NET". While I do appreciate the 15 year free-ride that DYNDNS has provided, this action does leave me with no viable way to have dynamic DNS redirection for this and other web sites that I have authored.

Changes coming soon:

( 21 February 2014 )

Since starting this web page there 

have been a number of new toys 

made available via Google,

including Google Drive, and many 

Google Cloud Apps.

  • New content additions are being built on Google Drive.

  • New content on Google Drive will be accessible as a link from this web page.

  • When use of Google Drive has been tested and verified to work properly, I will begin moving content from this page by transferring it to Google Drive.  Once moved you can access moved content via the URL link from this web page.

  • This process is planned to provide increased storage for my web page, and to increase reliability through use of Google Drive's more robust backup and security features.