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SeeSaw for Science Notebooking

SeeSaw can make Science Notebooking much more accessible for Kinders who don't type or write quickly. Instead of having to draw the experiment and then write about it, the teacher can post the picture of the experiment and the students can record themselves explaining what they learned.

NOTE: In this Activity, replace the picture with a photo from your class experiment and then have students record and draw their thoughts.

Here are some other Science Notebook Prompt Activities that you can reuse:


SeeSaw for Science Notebooking

In these activities, students will create more complex posts by using multiple Tools in their notebooks. The first activity is labeling the weekly weather. Students can open this Activity and add a weather observation each day of the week. NOTE: To enable students to edit their already-submitted posts, go to the Settings wrench and select Enable Item Editing. Then students can copy their work from the day before and edit it to add a new day's observation.

If students need practice learning weather words first, see the Weather Words activity at right.

Here are some other Science Notebook Prompt Activities that you can reuse:

Weather and Seasons with BrainPop Jr.

BrainPop Jr. is a website featuring terrific animated shorts and activities covering a variety of topics. BrainPoP Jr is available to all staff and students via our Clever portal. Login via Clever with your Moraga google account to view Seasons and Weather videos.