Third Grade Reading


Reading Fluency in SeeSaw

SeeSaw is a fantastic way to capture and share student growth with reading fluency. Parents and students love to hear themselves from the beginning to the end of the year.

Read a Favorite Book with SeeSaw

In Seesaw, students photograph the text being read, then record their reading. Students should listen to themselves before submitting their work.


All 3rd-5th graders can access NewsELA via Clever. Use Newsela to practice nonfiction reading skills while learning about science and social studies curriculum. This is a science example activity you can use with other articles/genres. Students with low reading fluency can use Read&Write extension to have the article read out loud to them.

Fascinating Facts about Water

NOTE: In order for the link to the assignment to work, you must first login to NewsELA via Clever.



SeeSaw at Open House!

  • Put Chromebooks out at Open House so that students can complete this activity with their family.
  • Post this Activity in advance with a note to parents so that they can do the activity from home if they are unable to attend Open House.
  • If you prefer to have families use their phones, then have students make a journal post that families could leave a comment on and simply print out the QR codes to student assignments. Directions are below.

Here are some helpful tips as you end your school year with SeeSaw and get ready for Open House: