Supplemental Resources

Check out this amazing resource from CommonSense Media for teachers and families

  • Find suggested daily home schedules

  • Find supplemental activities

  • Find online field trips

  • And much more...

Review some of the tools available to support Distance Learning:

IMPORTANT: Check out Teacher Tips for Best Practices to Support Learning with These Tools

MSD Teachers off site learning access

(These are a work in progress. Reuse an assignment or add your own to share with other Moraga teachers.)

Differentiation with SeeSaw and Google Classroom

Any Assignments shared via SeeSaw or Google Classroom can easily be modified and differentiated to meet the needs of students. Watch the videos below to learn to differentiate and modify SeeSaw Activities and Google Classroom Assignments for different students.

What are some ways to record video messages and mini lessons for your class?

There are 4 easy to use, Moraga supported video tools that can be used for recording videos.

Chromebook - simplest solution for Google Classroom with no limits on time, but ANY video posted on any platform that is over 10 minutes will take longer to download

Screencast of Directions

Google - Use the built-in video camera

SeeSaw - if using SeeSaw as your learning platform, this is by far the simplest solution for video, but 5 minute limit

Use the Video Tool

Mini Lesson Example

SeeSaw in META

Screencastify - Can record screen or webcam, 5 minute limit

Screencastify in META

Teach Students to Use Screencastify (great for math)

Flipgrid - Great for you AND students to both post but take some set up and monitoring, 5 minute limit

Flipgrid in META

Flipgrid and Screencastify App Smash

Teachers, don't forget these additional resources for learning:

Share this info with parents about using digital resources at home:

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