TK/K Math


Show What You Know in SeeSaw

Students will have the opportunity to learn to use the photo tool and share their math work.

  • Photos are a great way to capture the hands-on materials used to demonstrate learning.
  • This activity is used after students finish their math work, whether that be with hands-on math materials or paper and pencil.
  • You’ll see each child’s work in one place and view their progress.
  • Click on the activity to save it.


Explain Your Math in SeeSaw

In this introductory activity, Kinders will practice using the Drawing tool on top of a photo they have taken and then record their voice to reflect on their learning.

  • It’s a great way for you, the teacher, to quickly see and hear from all of your students.
  • You can get a glimpse into their thinking and hear the steps they used in solving a problem.
  • After any math lesson you teach, share this activity with your students.
  • Click on the activity to save it.


Sort Object Shapes in SeeSaw

Students sort and move the objects to the correct category.

  • Teachers, be sure to teach students how to duplicate an object, since some of the shapes fit into more than one category (tap the three dots under the object and select Duplicate from the drop down menu).

Shapes on Geoboard App and SeeSaw

Students practice making shapes by first using the Geoboard app (on Moraga iPads) and then sharing their learning in SeeSaw.

  • First have students work with partners and draw different shapes of different sizes on the Geoboard app.
  • Next, students go to SeeSaw and complete the activity at right drawing shapes on a picture of a geoboard and recording themselves naming and describing the shape.
  • Click on the activity to save it.

This is a Student Sample from the Geoboard app: