Tech Integration

How can we scaffold quality tech integration for all classrooms?

Welcome!! This website is available for Moraga Teachers to share classroom-tested projects, lessons, and activities strategically utilizing technology for learning.

Select your grade level at the top to find meaningful, standards-based, Moraga teacher lessons. To save time, teachers can copy SeeSaw activities or Google Classroom assignments into their own SeeSaw Classes and Google Classrooms. One click and done!

SeeSaw (K-3) and Google Classroom (4th-8th) should be used in all classrooms.

To use a SeeSaw activity, simply click on it, login to SeeSaw, save it and assign it. To use a Google Classroom activity, simply go to your own classroom, select + and "reuse an assignment" then navigate to the master Google Classroom and select.

In creating the lessons we reviewed the seven ISTE* Standards for Students and the Moraga School District's Educational Technology Goals and Guiding Principles. The ISTE 7 are designed to empower student voice and ensure that learning is a student-driven process.

*International Society for Technology in Education

Guiding Principles and Goals for educational technology integration:

MSD Tech Principles and Goals