TK/K Reading


My Goal in SeeSaw

In this introductory activity, students will learn to use the drawing tool. They can start with a blank canvas, draw on top of photos they take, or draw on a template you provide. The drawing tool also allows students to add text labels.

  • As a large group, gather and discuss goals as a class.
  • Give students time to set their own goal and then talk with a partner.
  • After students have chosen a goal, they document it by completing this activity.
  • Click on the activity to save it.

Fundations on SeeSaw

Review Fundations Letter/Picture correspondence - tap the letter record your voice.

  • Click on the activity to save it.


Reading Fluency with SeeSaw

In Seesaw, students photograph the text being read, then record their reading. Students should listen to themselves before submitting their work.

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Type Ending Sounds in SeeSaw

Students look at the picture and type the end sound to finish spelling the word, using the text tool.


CVC Word Building

This is a great activity to use at an independent literacy station. This is all completed inside the drawing tool in Seesaw with one post.

  • Students will be recording, pausing, erasing, and writing so I would highly recommend modeling this activity for your students first.
  • In the example portion of the activity, you can watch a video of a finished student sample.
  • Click on the activity to save it.

SeeSaw at Open House!

  • Put iPads or Chromebooks out at Open House so that students can complete this activity with their family.
  • Post this Activity in advance with a note to parents so that they can do the activity from home if they are unable to attend Open House.
  • Click on the activity to save it.
  • If you prefer to have families use their own phones, then have students make a journal post that families could leave a comment on and simply print out the QR codes to student assignments. Directions are below.

Here are some helpful tips as you end your school year with SeeSaw and get ready for Open House: