7/8th History


All 6th-8th graders can access NewsELA via Clever. Use Newsela to practice nonfiction reading skills while learning about social studies curriculum. This is a social studies example activity you can use with other articles/genres. Students with low reading fluency can use Read&Write extension to have the article read out loud to them.

Learn all about NewsELA in META

Learn all about Read&Write in META

Keri, can you share a soc studies example here?

NOTE: In order for the link to the assignment to work, you must first login to NewsELA via Clever.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom saves teacher time and makes differentiation simple! If you are using Chromebooks, you should be using Google Classroom!

Classroom makes it so simple to post content, make copies for each student, organize all docs in Google Drive and assign specific content to specific students. Check out the Differentiation with Google Classroom video below.

Differentiating with Google Classroom

The Assignments we've created and shared via our Master Google Classrooms have been designed for differentiation. To use them, you will "reuse" the assignment in your own Classroom, modify it for different groups of students, and then assign the variations of it to different students.

Setting Up Your Google Classroom

Using the New Stream Page vs. Classwork Page

Using the Topic Feature in Classroom

How to Use the New Grading Tool in Classroom