Second Grade

SeeSaw Learning Portfolios

SeeSaw works beautifully on iPads and should be used in ALL K-3 classrooms.

SeeSaw is an easy to use app for students to create understanding, capture their learning and share it with parents. It is the "Swiss Army Knife" of apps because it has multiple tools all-in-one -- drawing, text, photos, video, voice recording, notes and labeling. Parents sign up to view just their child's work, making it a great home communication tool.

If you use only one app weekly all year long, SeeSaw should be it!

To use a SeeSaw activity with students:

  1. Login to SeeSaw in a new tab.
  2. Click on the activity card and then click the blue Save button, which saves it to YOUR Activity Library.
  3. Click on Assign and select your class or edit then assign. Students sign in to Seesaw and follow the steps to complete the activity.

5 Activities to Get Started with SeeSaw

Learn to use SeeSaw on the META - Moraga's Ed Tech Adventures Badging Google Classroom (email adewolfe if you need to join)

Task Cards

Students independently document their learning in math, writing and reading in their SeeSaw journals.

SeeSaw Getting Started Guide

Final 2nd Getting Started Guide - August 2019.pdf