Zoom or Meet

MSD Live Streaming Protocols

Live Streaming Protocols and Recommendations

Introduction to Zoom or Google Meet


Note: Zoom will look slightly different on a Chromebook and you will be prompted to load the Chrome extension.

IMPORTANT: You should sign into Zoom via our Moraga Clever portal so that your Zoom account is associated with our Moraga Zoom features.

Google Meet

Zoom Management

Zoom Controls

  • 0:28 Muting/Unmuting
  • 1:23 Start/Stop Video
  • 2:02 Inviting Participants on the Fly
  • 4:46 Shared Content: Whiteboard, Annotating Screen (note that whiteboard may not work on Chromebook)

Zoom Waiting Rooms

  • Good for office hours or if a student needs to be temporarily removed from and reinstated to the session.

Zoom Breakout Rooms

  • Teacher assigns small groups to break out separately within the session. The teacher can check in with each group, then bring the group back to the session.

Google Meet Management

Google Meet Tips and Tricks

Tips and Etiquette

Video Conferencing Tips

How to Interact in Zoom

  • 0:25 Raise/Lower Hand
  • 1:06 Chat
  • 1:28 Reactions

Zoom Student Etiquette

Teacher may want to start meeting with everyone muted and disallow private chat.

  • 0:45 Mute
  • 2:53 Stop video

Dos and Don'ts of Webcam Etiquette