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Content Standards

1.  Students will demonstrate understanding of history.
    a. Days of the week
    b. Recognize state and federal holidays and their significance
    c. Differences in people
2. Students will demonstrate understanding of government/political science.
    a. Identify authority figures in home, school, and community
    b. Recognize symbols of the United States.
        1. The national flag
        2. The Pledge of Allegiance
        3. Statue of Liberty
        4. White House
        5. The American Eagle
    c. Identify purposes for having rules and ways that they provide order, security, and safety.
        1. home
        2. school
        3. community
3. Students will demonstrate understanding of geography
    a. Identify terms related to location, direction, and distance
        1. up/down
        2. over/under
        3. front/back
        4. behind/in front of
    b. Identify the purpose of maps and globes
        1. Land
        2. Water

Developmental Standards for All Grades
1. Students will be able to interact well with all people, appreciate cultural diversity, and work cooperatively.
2. Students will be able to apply thinking, research, and communication skills to the social sciences.
3. Students will be able to function properly as a citizen of your community, state, and nation.
4. Students will be able to relate current events to past, future, and current life and heritage.

5. Students will understand the relationships and changes, which occur between individual and the self, others, the group, and social systems.