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Middle School


Standards and Benchmarks


1.0  Demonstrates an understanding of the nature and operation of technology systems

1.1  Use an operating system

1.1a Describe an operating system environment

1.1b Handle the mouse

1.1c Practice changing the size of windows

1.1d Use menus, toolbars, dialog boxes, scroll bars, and on-line help


1.2 Identify features of computer applications software

1.2a Run applications software using graphical user interface

1.2b Explain the types and purposes off application software

1.2c Select the application software type appropriate for specific tasks

1.2d Use reference materials, such as on-line help, tutorials, and textbook materials

1.2e Identify, select, and apply features of application software products

1.2f Diagnose and solve applications software problems


1.3 Uses and Identifies computer systems

1.3a Identify components of the computer

1.3b Identify computer hardware

1.3c Identify computer software

1.3d Identify input/output devices

1.3e Describe how computers store data


2.0  Demonstrates responsible use of technology systems, information, and


2.1 Explore file management features

2.1a Format a disk

2.1b Understand file management

2.1c View, move, copy and delete files

2.1d Create folders


3.0 Uses hardware and productivity tools for a variety of purposes

3.1  Uses features of the Internet

3.1a Display world wide web pages

3.1b Search the web for information

3.1c Utilize search engines using keyword searching

3.1d Save a list of frequently used web pages

3.1e Print and save text and images found on web pages

3.1f Cite web sources properly


3.2 Uses word processing applications


3.2a Identify components of word processing application

3.2b Create, edit, save, print, close and open word processing documents

3.2c Use editing and proofreading tools3.2d Apply character, paragraph, and document formats

3.2e Create, modify, and format tables

3.2f Insert and manipulate clipart and pictures

3.2g Format pictures and clip art using colors and lines, size, layout

3.2h Create word processing documents for a Bibliography, reports, letters and memos


3.3 Uses spreadsheet applications

3.3a Identify components of spreadsheet application

3.3b Build, edit, save, print, close, and open worksheets

3.3c Use formulas, what if analysis, and functions in worksheets

3.3d Apply formats in worksheets

3.3e Create, format, and print charts


3.4 Uses presentation applications

3.4a Identify components of presentation application

3.4b Apply principles and techniques of presentation software

3.4c Create, edit, save, print, close, and open presentations

3.4d Add, edit and enhance slides

3.4e Prepare slide outline, notes, page, and audience handouts

3.4f View slide show


3.5 Use electronic mail

3.5a View e-mail window

3.5b Create and send new e-mail messages

3.5c Reply to e-mail message


3.6 Use the keyboard to type accurately and quickly

3.6a Use proper technique in keyboarding

3.6b Demonstrate the correct “touch” method for operating alphabetic keys

3.6c Demonstrate a proficient level of speed, accuracy and endurance in keyboarding

3.6d Apply keyboarding skills to classroom learning activities

3.6e Demonstrate ability to keyboard from straight-copy, rough draft, and script material


3.7 Creates web pages using web-building software

3.7a Create and edit templates

3.7b Embed graphics

3.7c Integrate text and graphics from different sources

3.7d Integrate web buttons and frames


3.7e Produce multiple web pages that link together

3.7f Apply page layout guidelines

3.7g Make decisions on correct formats


Updated 9/2012