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Keyboarding II

Keyboarding II

Standards & Benchmarks


1.0 Demonstrate speed and accuracy in keying straight copy material.

1.1 Keyboard at a rate of 35 words per minute or above. 

1.2 Keyboard with less than 2 errors per 35 words typed.

1.3 Know the features of various keyboards.

1.4 Uses correct keyboarding techniques and proper posture for keying in information.


2.0 Demonstrate knowledge of and competency in producing documents requiring various formats.

2.1 Demonstrates the proper formats for simple business written communication (e.g., Purchase Orders, Invoices, News Releases, etc.). 

2.2 Demonstrate editing skills: word/sentence indent/double spacing, formatting (font, styles, justification), spell checking.

2.3 Demonstrate how to save to a specific folder.


3.0 Students will communicate through computer networks and telecommunications.

3.1 Access and retrieve electronic information. 

3.2 Apply appropriate technologies for exploring interpreting and expressing ideas (e.g., word processor, spreadsheet, Power Point, etc).


4.0 Students will operate computer with social, ethical, and human issues

4.1 Practice responsible use of equipment and software.

4.2 Demonstrate positive social and ethical behaviors when using technology.


5.0 Students will apply learning activities to a simulated "real world" situation.