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2nd Grade

Content Standards

1. Students will demonstrate understanding of history
    a. First Americans
        1. Identify the Indians as the first people to live in our country
        2. Compare ways in which the first Indians were alike and different
    b. United States History
        1. Identify Jamestown as the first English settlement in America
        2. Identify the Fourth of July as Independence Day
2. Students will demonstrate understanding of government/political science
    a. Rules and laws
        1. Identify the governor of Iowa and the President of the United States
        2. Recognize that the people of the United States elect their leaders
    b. Communities
        1. Identify a community as a place where people live and a neighborhood as a part of a community
        2. Develop an awareness that a city is a large community with specific characteristics
3. Students will demonstrate understanding of geography
    a. Map skills
        1. Interpret symbols in a map key
        2. Name the four cardinal directions (north, south, east, west)
        3. Identify plain, mountain, river, lake, island, peninsula
        4. Know the difference between a map and globe
        5. Identify city, state, and country
4. Students will demonstrate understanding of economics
    a. Needs and wants
        1. Identify food, clothes, and shelter as the three basic needs
        2. Classify some things as wants
    b. Communication and Transportation
        1. Recognize ways in which people communicate with/or without a different language
        2. Identify that highways, railroads, and airplanes are essential for good transportation

Developmental Standards for All Grades
1. Students will be able to interact well with all people, appreciate cultural diversity, and work cooperatively.
2. Students will be able to apply thinking, research, and communication skills to the social sciences.
3. Students will be able to function properly as a citizen of your community, state, and nation.
4. Students will be able to relate current events to past, future, and current life and heritage.

5. Students will understand the relationships and changes, which occur between individual and the self, others, the group, and social systems.