2nd – 3rd Grade

Content Standards


1.  Students will demonstrate an understanding of expressive and effective movements.

A.    Demonstrates mature form of manipulative skills (throwing, catching, kicking, punting, dribbling, volleying, striking, and rope jumping).

B.    Demonstrates forms of the eight basic locomotor patterns.

C.    Demonstrates control in a variety of body management skills (e.g.  balancing).

D.    Adapts and adjusts movement skills to changing environmental conditions (e.g. throw the ball to a moving partner).

E.    Identifies and explores offensive and defensive roles in a variety of movement activities.

F.     Identifies characteristics of basic skills (e.g. watch, move, reach, and give).

G.    Recognizes that adjustments can be made to improve performance.

H.    Uses vocabulary to describe movement (personal space).


2.     Students will demonstrate an understanding of fitness for a lifetime.

A.    Demonstrates sustained moderate to vigorous physical activity.

B.    Identifies and regularly participates in a variety of physical activities.

C.    Understands that to be physically active, one needs adequate levels of fitness.

D.    Begins to measure performance of health-related fitness (e.g., flexibility).

E.    Begins to understand that formal measurements of health-related fitness are important.

F.     Recognizes the physiological indicators that accompany moderate to vigorous physical activity (e.g., sweating, increased heart rate).


3.  Students will demonstrate an understanding of self-management and social responsibility.

G.    Demonstrates class procedures and expectations (self- control, think safety, try hard, hustle).

H.    Take pride in accomplishments of self without bragging, and can celebrate another’s performance).

I.      Works cooperatively with others.

J.      Identifies sharing, cooperation and consideration of the feelings of others.

K.    Demonstrates inclusion for class members

L.    Participates in a variety of international games.

M.   Begins to express personal satisfaction through accomplishments.


Developmental Standards


4.              Students will demonstrate competency in performance and applies knowledge of many movement concepts and forms.

5.              Students will maintain a healthy level of fitness and participate in a physical active lifestyle.

6.              Students will demonstrate responsible personal and social behavior in physical activity settings.