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5th Grade

Content Standards

1. Students will demonstrate understanding of history
    a. Describe the events in America, Europe, and Africa that led to a new world in North America
        1. Trace the routes and explain the importance of early explorations of the Americas
    b. Identify the developments, major events, and notable figures involved in the separation of the 13 colonies from England
    c. Describe the key events and effects of the American Revolution on the new country
    d. Describe the development of the U.S. Constitution and explain its significance
        1. Identify the framers of the Constitution
    e. Describe the westward expansion of the early American pioneers to 1861
        1. Discuss the key people who contributed to the westward movement
    f. State the causes and events leading to the Civil War
        1. Compare and contrast the ways of life in the North and South
        2. Identify notable figures of the Civil War and the roles they played
        3. Describe the effect the Civil War had on the world and United States
        4. Analyze and recite the Gettysburg address
2. Students will demonstrate understanding of government/political science
    a. State the nation's basic democratic principles set forth in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution
        1. Relate the importance of shared values, principles, and beliefs of American democracy
        2. Identify historical figures who shaped the values and principles of American democracy
        3. Describe what the U.S. Constitution is and explain why it is importance
    b. Express what the national government does and how it protects individual rights and promotes the common good
        1. Identify the three branches of the federal government and describe their functions
        2. Discuss what it means to be a citizen
        3. Explain how a person becomes a citizen of the U.S.
        4. Identify the rights and responsibilities of individuals in a democratic society
        5. Describe how American citizens can participate in their government to influence the decisions and actions of that government
3.  Students will demonstrate understanding of geography
    a. Explain the purpose and characteristics of geographic representations such as maps, globes, graphs, and diagrams
    b. Explain the concept of regions and unifying geographic characteristics
4.  Students will demonstrate understanding of economics
    a. Define trade and explain its benefits
    b. Define imports and exports and give examples of each

Developmental Standards for All Grades
1. Students will be able to interact well with all people, appreciate cultural diversity, and work cooperatively.
2. Students will be able to apply thinking, research, and communication skills to the social sciences.
3. Students will be able to function properly as a citizen of your community, state, and nation.
4. Students will be able to relate current events to past, future, and current life and heritage.

5. Students will understand the relationships and changes, which occur between individual and the self, others, the group, and social systems.