5th – 8th Grade

Content Standards


1.  Students will demonstrate an understanding of expressive and effective movements.

  1. Participates in establishing rules, procedures, and etiquette that are safe and effective for specific activities.
  2. Demonstrates sportsmanship in both group and competitive activities.
  3. Works to achieve group goals as well as cooperative settings.
  4. Handles conflicts without confrontation.
  5. Discusses the importance of inclusion.
  6. Understands the role of games, sports, as they influence modern culture
  7. Identifies aspects if activities that are personally satisfying.


2.  Students will demonstrate an understanding of fitness for a lifetime.

  1. Participates regularly in healthy activities in school and non-school settings
  2. Explores a variety of new physical activities for personal interests in both school and non-school settings.
  3. Understands how varying fitness levels can inhibit or enable participation in activities.
  4. Achieves and or demonstrates the ability toward his or her ability on fitness standards
  5. Continues to develop fitness goals with the teachers guidance
  6. Monitors the intensity of exercise using heart monitors by recognizing target heart rate and recovery time.


3.  Students will demonstrate an understanding of self-management and social responsibility.

  1. Demonstrates the ability in manipulative skills using a variety of movement forms.
  2. Utilizes locomotor skills in the context of a variety of movement forms.
  3. Utilizes body management skills in the context of a variety of movement forms.
  4. Adapts and combines skills to the demands of increasingly complex situations of selected movement forms.
  5. Demonstrates strategies for movement activities.
  6. Applies and begins to analyze elements for movement efficiency.
  7. Understands and applies movement principles across the settings.
  8. Expands movement vocabulary and the use of the symbols in the context of formal movement forms.


Developmental Standards


4.         Students will demonstrate competency in performance and apply knowledge of many movement concepts and forms.

5.               Students will maintain a healthy level of fitness and participate in a physical active lifestyle.

6.               Students will demonstrate responsible, personal, and social behavior in physical activity settings.