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6th Grade

Content Standards

1.  Students will demonstrate understanding of history
    a. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the developments in civilizations from the beginning of time through the early 1500's
        1. Describe development of technology during Old and New Stone Age
        2. Describe the early civilizations of Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, China, and the Americas
        3. Describe life in ancient Greece, Rome, Arabia, and America including the contributions of these civilizations to the modern world
        4. Trace the origin and spread of the major world religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
        5. Describe and evaluate life in Europe in the Middle Ages
        6. Identify the contributions of major African and Asian empires and cultures
        7. Discuss the contributions of the Renaissance and describe the impact of the Reformation and religious conflict on Western Europe
2.  Students will demonstrate understanding of government/political science
    a. Students will demonstrate their understanding of origins and functions of government from early cultures through the early 1500's
        1. Describe and compare the governments of the early civilizations up through the early 1500's
        2. Identify and describe various types of governments 
            a. monarchy
            b. democracy
            c. republic
            d. oligarchy
            e. dictatorship
        3. List the four things necessary in order to have a civilization (specialization, religion, government, and education)
3.  Students will demonstrate understanding of geography
    a. Students will demonstrate an understanding of cultural regions
        1. Make and use maps, globes, graphs, and charts to locate the early civilizations
        2. Describe the physical characteristics including landforms, climate, and natural resources of the early civilizations
        3. Introduce the Five Themes of Geography
        4. Describe the role of technology development in shaping the characteristics of the regions of civilizations through the early 1500's
4. Students will demonstrate understanding of economics
    a. Students will demonstrate an understanding of how scarcity, choice, and trade impact economic activities
        1. Compare and contrast the barter system and monetary exchange
        2. Illustrate how the division of labor and specialization in cultures and regions increases productivity and trade
        3. Describe the impact of economic trade on the spread of ideas, language, religion, technology, government, agriculture, and goods through early 1500's

Developmental Standards for All Grades
1. Students will be able to interact well with all people, appreciate cultural diversity, and work cooperatively.
2. Students will be able to apply thinking, research, and communication skills to the social sciences.
3. Students will be able to function properly as a citizen of your community, state, and nation.
4. Students will be able to relate current events to past, future, and current life and heritage.

5. Students will understand the relationships and changes, which occur between individual and the self, others, the group, and social systems.