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We are a class of approximately 60 learners in a brand new building at Pt England School in New Zealand. We work and learn in an open learning environment with 2 teaching/learning spaces, a large shared working space and a breakout room where we can go to for quiet.  We have a giant blue screen in our room that we use to make our videos and movies, as well as a bunch of iMac computers we use for editing and creating animations.  We do all our work online via our google chromebooks using google apps, and we share all our work on our blogs. You can check out our blogs via the button above or click this link. 

 Mr Baxendine

Mrs Muliaumasealii

It is my first year teaching at Pt England School and I'm really enjoying having a class of such fun and awesome students. I grew up on a dairy farm in Matamata before moving here to Auckland to study and work.