My name is Laura Stevens, and I have been teaching English as a New Language for over eighteen years! 
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Many thanks to NYSED/OBE-WL for the honor of including My ENL Pag
in their recent ELL Resource Collection, page 2. 

OBE-WL February Newsletter Here
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Although details are not yest known plan as if the NYSESLAT is happening in 2021. FAQs are forthcoming.

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As we research the recent trends in ELL education, we are noticing a renewed interest in resources for helping ELL parents navigate their responsibilities to help their children with in-person and especially online learning. Multilingual materials which are translated into a variety of home languages for both parents and students are becoming very important.

Many are provided in the table below:

Protocols for Pre-K Emergent Multilingual Learners (EMLs)-

Including EML Profile Process, EML Profile Form & New Pre-K Brochure for ELL Parents (in 10 languages) Here


Global Storybooks

  World Stories

English-Spanish Tech Vocabulary

The World's Family


Spanish Class Glossary

Translated Family Stories

Enchanted Learning

Epic Books

Spanish Children's Stories

World Languages Collection

Key Phrases in Home Languages 

Elementary Spanish Resources

PBS Kids-Spanish

 Hello World Spanish

Fun Home Learning (Spanish)

How to Help Your Child (Spanish)

Early Learning Playful Resources for Parents

Challenges of Remote Learning for ELLs

Challenges for Spanish-Speaking ELLs

News ELA-Spanish

Spanish Poems for Kids

Fun Home Learning (Chinese)

Easy English Videos

Phonics Practice

Language Museum

  ELL Parents 

Language Lizard

More Spanish Poems

Home is the First Classroom (Chinese)

Wordwall.net Games

Welcome to Our Schools Brochure (Spanish)

Games to Learn English

Asian American Stories

Science & Math at Home (Spanish)

Fry Word List, English, Spanish & Audio

7 ESL Learn English

Welcome to Our Schools Brochure (English)

ELLs and the 5 Components of Reading

Unite for Literacy

Bilingual Bookworm


English-Chinese Tech Vocabulary

Fun Learning Experiences

Math Vocabulary Cards (Spanish)

Infographics in English & Spanish

Reading Bear

The CiTi (Oswego) Migrant Education Tutorial and Support Services Program (METS) serves Oswego, Jefferson, Lewis, and Wayne counties. This program provides tutorial, health, and parent education services in order to meet the needs of migrant farm workers and their families.  BLOGhttps://www.nysmigrant.org/node

Regular home visits make this program unique to our area and invaluable to the families they serve.     

SUNY Oswego's program in 
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOLis designed to prepare individuals to become specialized in teaching English to non-native English speakers. 

The flexibility of the program allows students from a variety of majors to double major in TESOL.  Key Points of Linguistics for ENL Teachers Here


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Several brochures have been designed here for ELLs, parents, staff, counselors, 
school nurses and administrators.
Strategies for Classroom Teachers/Tips for Administrators:

                  Primary Language Support in General Education Classrooms  

                   ENL Padlet

                  Building Better Sentences: Rigorous Syntax for English Learners 





This site was originally an idea which I presented to The Northern Region ENL Professional Learning Community (PLC).
It was created in 2013 especially for NYS school leaders and teacher leaders in rural and suburban districts in NYS.  


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