Parent Student Handbook (Updated September 2022)

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The principal reserves the right to amend the policies, procedures and requirements listed in this handbook. Such amendments would be for just cause and all parents would be promptly notified of such changes.


Holy Angels School is a vital part of the Holy Angels Parish community. We recognize parents and guardians as the primary educators. Parents, students and teachers collaborate to model respect, compassion and responsibility through a 21st Century curriculum that incorporates Catholic Gospel values. We are committed to the development of the whole child.

Mission Statement

As a parish school community, we challenge all students to strive for academic excellence through a progressive curriculum that embodies Catholic values and tradition.

Student Learning Expectations

Be Like Jesus

  • Pray, attend mass, and receive the sacraments on a regular basis

  • Share time and talents within the local community

  • Respect and celebrate cultural diversity

  • Make wise choices based on the teachings of Jesus

Be the Best you Can be

  • Listen, read, write, and speak clearly

  • Meet the academic standards of the school

  • Celebrate strengths and strive to meet challenges

Be responsible Citizens

  • Follow directions and school rules

  • Use technology ethically

  • Stop, think, pray, and choose before acting

Vision of Commitment

REFRAIN: A vision of commitment, to the spirit, mind and soul; a school built on compassion Holy Angels, Holy Angels, onward we do go.

Holy Angels, we bear your name, a school with a giving heart; a friend and helper of the poor, “gift” forever to impart. (refrain)

To meet the needs of one another, and challenges of each day; as citizens of tomorrow, our learning grows along the way. (refrain)