Carnatic Chamber Concerts also known as CCC is based in San Francisco Bay Area. CCC, founded in December 2008 is dedicated to promoting Carnatic music amongst local youth by way of hosting monthly events. The inaugural concert was on January 1st 2009 and the group has been having concerts every month with some exceptions. CCC currently supports over 150+ member students from various music schools in the bay area, by giving them performance opportunities in a professional yet friendly platform with encouraging audience. Anyone with interest in participating and attending concerts regularly are welcome to join the group. 

The Purpose (Mission)

Carnatic Chamber Concerts also known as CCC is a group dedicated to fostering young kids learning Carnatic music, by way of hosting monthly events at available venues. This is a good forum for beginner/ intermediate and advanced learners as they can relate to the peer performers in a positive environment.

Who can become a member of CCC? 

Anyone interested in attending monthly events regularly. CCC organizes one event every month (with some exceptions) and all members are requested to attend all the events.

Is there a membership fee?

 No. There is no membership fee to attend or perform in our events.

When can my child perform under CCC?

Any member child who is training in Carnatic music (vocal or instrumental) at krithi level or above can participate and perform under CCC banner. Organizers choose the slot assignments (duration and month of performance). One should join the group and attend a few concerts before they become eligible to perform and regular attendance to CCC concerts will make them eligible for subsequent opportunities.

How long is a typical CCC event?

A typical event provides opportunities for about 7 to 8 performers (about 17 to 20 kids including accompanists), runs about 2 1/2  hours and it will be during the second weekend of the month in 2014. We decide the day/time depending on the local music events happening that weekend for member’s convenience.

What about accompaniments for my performing child?

We assign accompaniments from the CCC pool of accompanists based on various factors.

What is the contact email to send queries about CCC?