When the you-know-what hits the fan

Comeuppance is coming

by David Linden

The politicians pushing the Covid atrocity and the deadly vaccines" are a psychotic yet terminally dim crew of remorseless liars.

When the truth of what they have done dawns on enough people (and we get closer to that every day) the you-know-what is really going to hit the fan.

When it does, do they really think the architects and masterminds of this attack on humanity on whose strings the political stooges and front men dance will hesitate for one second to toss them to the wolves?

And as for the police and soldiers that such degenerate governments think they can fall back on to enforce their will or protect them, do they really think that these people, once they or their colleagues or friends or loved ones or children start getting sick or even dying from the experimental "vaccines" they conned and terrorised folk into taking, that they will not side with the people and turn on these corrupt fools?

There is only one way this is going to go.

If I were Boris or any of the gang of loons masquerading as our government, I'd be suffering some sleepless night right now.

Their comeuppance is coming