As predicted . . . no surprises from Suppression Central

by Angus Gorlay

As many observers predicted, the gov (aka Supression Central) has kept this Covid Terror psyop going and will manufacture lie upon lie upon lie so as to keep it going until:

(a) people surrender and submit to the vaccines they are very very very keen for you to take

(b) the country is crushed economically, socially and in terms of its morale.

This IS an attack by an enemy whose proxies and front men have infiltrated our own government right under the noses of collaborative MPs and media.

It is an attempt to use a re-branded flu virus to induce us to do what no external foe has managed to do for 2000 years: surrender.

If we as a people are so dopey or docile or cowardly that we are willing to surrender with barely a whimper to a ruddy flu bug then we thoroughly deserve to forfeit the liberty we surrendered and will wind up with a government we have thoroughly earned.

Fortunately, the vast majoroty of you are better than that.

You are, after all, not cattle