The People vs

Negligent Government

Government negligence has destroyed lives, says legal group fighting for justice

An organisation fighting the good legal fight to bring justice for people harmed by the government's knowingly fraudulent use of the PCR tests is gathering evidence for negligence, malfeasance claims against HMG for the harm done.

They gatherand provide the evidence that (among other things):

"This government has been negligent in the use of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests in response to Covid-19".

In light of the known unsuitability of the PCR test, "mass testing of children is a gross act of negligence and we consider it malfeasance in public office".

Their twitter feed states that "more and more people are getting on board. Let us push, please give your evidence at our website, every voice counts"

They are called PCR Claims. Their website can be found here

Help them and/or let them help you.

Fighting back is the new normal.